About / FAQ


Welcome to the webshop! Here you can find prints of my most recent digital illustrations and sometimes some hand-made originals and riso/screen prints.

Some frequently asked questions:

How do you make these illustrations?
At the begin point of a new design I always work by hand, sketch the whole design, than I continue on the computer to color and texture everything.

Are your prints available in any bigger sizes?
Most of the design are available up to A1 of A0. So if you'd like one of the design in a specific size, that's possible in most of the cases. You can send an email with a request at hello@vonikdesign.com and I'll send you some information about the options, costs and shipping.

I don't have Paypal, a creditcard or Ideal  now what?
Than we can solve this the old fashion way. You send me an email request, I'll send you an invoice, once I've received the payment I'll send everything over. 

How and how often do you send your orders out?
The posters and postcards are properly packed in board backed envelopes, so they'll most likely survive whatever these mail guys sometimes end up doing to packages. I always try to ship within 2-3 days, if there is any kind of delay you'll hear about it.

And a side note about shipping: Shipping a postcard or A5 print is cheaper than shipping a poster, so please select the right kind of shippingcosts for your order when checking out.

What the frick is 'vonik'?
Well, a long long time ago, when I was a little 13 year old girl, I considered myself being pretty badass, so I ended up spraypainting a bike tunnel (legally, ok I wasn't that badass) and there where some proper graffiti dudes working on the same tunnel, who enlightened me with the fact that you're susposed to use a nickname instead of your own... That's where it started, and the name kind of stuck.

Do you also work commision based?
Jup, please check my portfolio/website for more info about that.

Is turquoise/mint your favourite colour?

Thank you!